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finding favorites with leah jones –  (october 2021)

I sat down with my friend Leah shortly before my 30th birthday to talk about my journey back to magic, my arch-nemesis, and my passionate love of magic.

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revolutionary mystic podcast – episode 8 (august 2020)

In this podcast appearance, I sat down to talk with Mētztli all about growing up adopted, living as a neuro-expansive witch, reclaiming Judaism, finding Lucifer, my new projects, and much more.

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embracing intensity podcast – episode 107 (november 2018)

I had the lovely opportunity to speak with Aurora Remember on her podcast, Embracing Intensity, to talk about finding balance as a gifted adult. Show highlights include talking about being a disabled person & my recent diagnosis of RRMS, becoming a dominatrix, the role that writing has played in my life both then and now, and what it’s like to be a gifted adult with an over-active mind and how I cope with the intensity of my intellectual, emotional, and physical experiences.


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the star narratives podcast – episode 8 (february 2019)

I joined Natha Perkins-Campanella to discuss Mercury in Scorpio, making ourselves heard, and the gifts & burdens of speaking the truth.

To quote Natha:
“Some of us spend years learning how to say what we think, while others speak uncomfortable truths freely, right from the beginning. Neither version is particularly easy. My guest Alexis P. Morgan is the latter and she allows us to live vicariously while she generously shares some of her journey in regards to soul-speaking and truth-telling. As you would probably guess, it requires quite a bit of self care and support along the way, but it’s worth it.”

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wakandacon 2018 – queerkanda panelist


My friend and colleague Eris Eady hosted a panel conversation about queer identity, sexual orientation, and Blackness both in the Diaspora and on the Continent at the first annual WakandaCon and invited me to join her.

Check out Eris’ website + work here.

so you wanna be a witch – episode 42 (december 2018)

In this episode, I popped in to chat with Sarah M. Chappell about how I supports myself as a working writer, my process of learning to be a public figure, the importance of representation in the arts, and the novel business models I was – and continue – to explore. We also discussed my return to sex work, the ongoing problem of censorship on Patreon, and my epic online battle with Gary Vaynerchuck.

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reclaim: ep. 29 – envisioning a new future (march/april 2018)

While attending and speaking at Your Leadership Recipe 2018, hosted by Makenna Held in Macon, GA, I sat down with Andréa Ranae Johnson, Layla Saad, and Thaís Sky.

For two hours, we discussed a future grounded in beauty, faith, and justice.

wild mystic woman podcast – episode 014 (february 2018)

 I sat down with Layla Saad to have a conversation about anti-capitalism, Oprah, spirituality, and our visions and experiences as Black women writers.

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