Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Tierney

About Alexis P. Morgan

The Basics

I’m a writer, artist, and troublemaking socialite who spends her days professionally wandering about the universe and its many wonders, oversharing my ongoing inner monologues, and not being afraid to climb out on the ledge first.

Future Answers To Jeopardy Questions ABOUT ME

My favourite beverage is entitled white male tears on the rocks with a chaser of fat babe in a crop top. I'm a Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon, Leo Rising, with an Aries Midheaven and a no-joke Capricorn North Node. My Internet Certified Archnemesis™ is Gary Vaynerchuk. I’m a sucker for anything salted caramel and an enthused evangelist for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. I’m a queer, disabled Black + Indigenous femme. And last but not least, I am also the proud daughter of a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet and the grandchild of a Black Panther and internationally respected artist. My family is dope as fuck.

Devoted to Truth, Justice, and Liberation, I live in the spirit of my foremothers: Unbossed. Unbought. Unbothered.

Current Residence: The Windy City (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

“Alexis is the sort of no-nonsense refreshing wind that can blow away all the cobwebs: whether that’s the cobwebs of the establishment or the cobwebs lurking in the dusty corners of your heart. She takes no shortcuts and pulls no punches in any of her work, and that’s exactly what we need. I’m grateful she shares her gifts so graciously.”
— Abigail Rose Clarke | www.abigailroseclarke.com

Why “Death, Sex, and Taxes”?

The symbolism is many levels thick and well thought out, not just provocateuring for provocateuring’s sake (although that’s fun, and sometimes I do that!)

Here’s a run-down:

  • I have a stellium in Scorpio (ruler of the 8th house, which is the domain of transformation, healing, sex, finances, death, the occult, power, etc., all the shit), sitting in my 4th house, which is your family and your roots. I am literally rooted in death, sex, and taxes.

  • I was also born during the time of the year when the Dead are traditionally honored (I was the night before Halloween, and celebrate on Halloween), in the middle of harvest and humping season. My actual birth is also tangentially related in very potent + specific + private ways to all three of these topics in ways that had significant impact on me as a person from childhood through to my adult years.

  • It's also a clown on the fact that my writing topics trend towards the controversial as fuck and basically everything I word-vomit about is in some way connected back to one of those topics, or is generally just considered a topic you don't discuss in ~polite~ society or company.

  • I have a deep interest in axiology (the philosophical study of value - i.e., ethics and aesthetics), which is all tangled up in discussing Big Questions related to death, sex, and taxes.

  • Death, sex, and taxes all represent conceptual values (The unknown & change; vulnerability, intimacy + pleasure; community, power, and value)  that are repeat themes in my world and work.

Still have questions?

“Alexis absolutely takes me to church. There are no grandiose attempts at prediction, simply truthful intuition that amplifies and clarifies my own sense of direction. She helps me to see a story, a process- not just a destination. There is power in the way she appeals to your power, guiding you to access your own strength and transformation. I seek her out when I can’t see forward, need to make decisions, and take actions that are aligned with my visions.”
— Ariana E. Felix | www.saltwaterstars.com