A Quick Note On My Identities...

I'm an autistic, Afro-Indigenous, anarcho-communist matriarchist who experiences physical disability (multiple sclerosis; fibromyalgia) and who practices sorcery and who lives my life according to the rhythms of Judaism. Additionally, I was adopted twice: once as a child by my guardians, who were older, white, and in a queerplatonic relationship, and then again as an adult, by my mother, who is also an Afro-Indigenous (Yamassee/Mvskoke).

My biological, birthing parent identified her father as being Cherokee (Tsalagi/Aniyunwiya), presumably from the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation due to the location of her conception + birth. However, due to various legal issues concerning my adoption, and other logistical obstacles + ideological objections, I am unable to confirm this information at this time and thus re-establish my formal relationships to kin community. I was raised by my first set adoptive guardians as a bi-ethnic (Black and Indigenous) Black girl, my allegiance and final line political and cultural commitments are to Native sovereignty, land rematriation, and Black liberation. I am proud of being an Indigenous femme, but, I also recognize my relationship is personal and it is important - for the well-being and safety of other Indigenous people - that I am transparent and careful about the space I assume and hold with this part of my identity.)

Additionally, my family chose to forgo formal Jewish education due to concerns about racism, a lack of religiosity on my mother's part, and geographical logistics early on in my childhood. I was raised in a culturally Jewish home, around Jewish friends and extended family, with distinctly Jewish ethical values. I returned to Judaism as an adult, in 2018, after the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, and have been on that journey since. I live my life as a Jewish woman, my life organizes itself around the pace of Jewish life, I study Torah, etc. I identify as somewhere between a Secular Humanist and Reconstructionist in my philosophy, and am interested in formal conversion if the ability to do so felt right and presented itself. However, I recognize that my ancestral spiritual practices and engagement with mysticism and magic may preclude me from formal conversion with even the most liberal of Reconstructionist or Reform rabbis, and as a result, I am content in my multicultural, multifaceted, lifeway Judaism, and trust that Gxd knows the work + prayer of my heart and hands.