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Alexis P. Morgan (she/they; demon femme; queer) is a bon vivant muse, multi-disciplinary artist, and ancestral sorceress, devoted to the work of radical luxury as apocalypse medicine.

Always making some sort of mischief, she aspires to inherit the title of “the most exciting [femme] in the world” from Eartha Kitt, by way of a vivid + kindly phantasm of the late Orson Welles.

When not doing whatever the fuck she wants, she’s doing whatever the fuck she wants and getting paid for it.

what is radical luxury?

Radical luxury is a belief that we should cultivate a society of ecologically sustainable, universal comfort, that also prizes self-expression and creative vision.

This includes an individual ethic + collective culture of physical and emotional comfort that rejects austerity and non-consensual asceticism, a rejection of productivity as the primary measure of the worthiness of human life, advocating for the development and use of inclusive, anti-authoritarian forms of technology that operate in confluence with the natural world, rejection of profit-driven work & labor, and the encouragement of interdependent, nurturance-oriented relationships and communities.

If you are familiar with political theory, this vision is utopian and prominent in any number of given communalistic or libertarian ideologies. However, because my audience ranges in ideological affiliation, I choose to center the essence + vision, and encourage exploration of the praxis, both in my own life but also those who encounter my work.

In my writings and visual art, I consider this subject through

anarcho-communist matriarchy, womanist philosophy, and intersectional futurism, and in my sorcerous work, I explore this through an emphasis on replicating an ethic of communalist spiritual labor in digital communities, through my focus on providing ritual support to navigate thriving survival of capitalism, and supporting those who are positioned with power under our existing capitalist kyriarchal system, to best use and divest of their resources in a way that supports their true desires + needs, as well as helping to build the structural bridges required to transition our society to one of radical luxury.

a quick note on my identities…


I’m an autistic, Afro-Indigenous (light-skinned) femme who experiences physical disability (multiple sclerosis; fibromyalgia) and who practices sorcery and who lives my life according to the rhythms of Judaism. Additionally, I was adopted twice: once as a child by my guardians, who were older, white, and in a queerplatonic relationship, and then again as an adult, by my mother, who is also an Afro-Indigenous (Yamassee/Mvskoke).

My biological, birthing parent identified her father as being Cherokee (Tsalagi/Aniyunwiya). However, due to various legal issues concerning my adoption, and other logistical obstacles (including the death of my birthing parent, whose DNA would be required to establish genealogical relationships, in order to establish or rule out kinship ties to any band of the Cherokee Nation(s)), I am unable to confirm this information at this time and thus re-establish my formal relationships to community. I was raised by my first set adoptive guardians as a bi-ethnic (Black & Indigenous) Black girl, my allegiance and final line political and cultural commitments are to Indigenous sovereignty, land rematriation, and Black liberation. I am proud of being an Afro-Indigenous femme, but, I also recognize my relationship is personal and it is important – for the well-being and safety of other Indigenous people – that I am transparent and careful about the space I assume and hold with this part of my identity. I make it a point to not take space, opportunities, honors, recognition, or resources from Indigenous people who have known and unambiguous ties to community, not to use my identity as a source of personal or professional authority, or to make claims that are not mine to make.

Additionally, my adoptive family chose to forgo formal Jewish education due to concerns about the incredible amount of marginalization that already existed in our lives (as Black children, in the Deep South/USA in general, being raised by a visibly queer albeit platonic couple in the 90s), a lack of religiosity on my adoptive mother’s part, and logistical issues (the nearest synagogue was Orthodox) early on in my childhood. I was raised in a culturally but not religiously Jewish home, around Jewish friends and extended family, with what I would identify as secular Jewish ethical values. I returned to Judaism as an adult, in 2018, after the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, and have been on that journey since. I live my life as a Jewish woman/femme, my life organizes itself around the pace of Jewish life. I identify as somewhere between a Secular Humanist and Reconstructionist in my philosophy, and am interested in formal conversion, if the ability to do so presented itself, felt right, and was not at odds with my other spiritual identities and values. However, I recognize that my ancestral spiritual practices and engagement with mysticism and magic may preclude me from formal conversion with even the most liberal of Reconstructionist or Reform rabbis, and as a result, I am content in my multicultural, multifaceted, lifeway Judaism, and trust that Gxd knows the work + prayer of my heart and hands. As with my Indigenous identity, I endeavour to not take up space that is not appropriate for me to step into in Jewish dialogue, communities, or spaces.

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