ART GALLERY - 2016 Portfolio


From left to right: (1) "and yet she danced"; (2) "weaveus"

"she had hard times and yet she danced" & "weaveus" (December 2016) were the first two paintings I've ever done - be they abstract or figural, digital or analog. This set of paintings is on the theme of lineage for me as a multiracial Black woman - there is a lot of pain and joy built into love and fury that put breath in my lungs. I wanted to explore the relationship between joy and pain as it weaves into said lineage/legacy, but in a way that subverts the usual narratives we see on this topic. I.e., I wanted to focus on the joy and the love despite of, and in spite of, the painful experiences.


imposter complex

Photo Illustration (Fall/Winter 2016) ::   Imposter Complex is a series of photo illustrations - created with randomly selected components - exploring identity, empathy, and self-conception. It used to be fairly common practice (still is a little bit) for young artists and art apprentices to spend a considerable amount of time replicating the works of matured artists or their masters before being given the latitude to speak in their own voice. I struggle with identifying with other artists - as an artist - and I wanted to distort and play with the previous model of apprenticeship in these works. Not only is each piece focused towards cultural & political commentary, but also my creative voice wearing the ‘mask’ of another collage artist’s aesthetics. Every artist whose work inspired a piece in this collection was featured in Danielle Krysa's (The Jealous Curator) book, Collage: Contemporary Artists Hunt and Gather, Cut and Paste, Mash Up and Transform.


Chop Chop

Photo Illustration (Fall/Winter 2016) ::   After taking a multi-year hiatus from working with the visual arts or in Photoshop, I randomly decided to put myself up to a creative challenge to help break through writer's block. My parametres were simple: no more than 2 hours to devise a final piece, using only a randomly generated collection of assets, bits, and bobs to draw from, and the mandate that I incorporate one element from each folder - a la the cooking show, Chopped. Every piece is created around a theme of order, creation, and chaos as they relate to various socio-political themes.