• Alexis P. Morgan Fellowship For Emerging Voices of Color (2018) - I was bequeathed a $30,000+ fellowship gift by Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin of The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership, for my writing on race, society, and politics. However, due to Ms. Cronise-McLaughlin’s inappropriate behavior behind-the-scenes with the Lights for Liberty campaign [link], I withdrew my consent to have my name associated with any further funds, fellowships, or awards sponsored by Cronise-McLaughlin or the Gaia Project after successfully negotiating an arrangement intended to guarantee the influence, perpetuity, and integrity of the fellowship fund.

  • Yes Project - $50 Microgrant (2019) - I was a recipient of a $50 microgrant from the Yes Project to further explore my interests in textile and fabric arts. I am including this grant because it was the first - hopefully of a few more - grants I’ve received for my work as a visual artist, and that is meaningful to me.