/// Portrait Drawing by Rachael Rice ///

/// Portrait Drawing by Rachael Rice ///

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Thought Sketch #0002 - Happiness

Thought Sketches are the long-form microblogging notes I would traditionally post to Facebook, Tumblr, etc. These thoughts are documented here as brief snippets of thought and contemplation, a public journal of my observations and insights, as I’m not really one for blogging or writing the way I’m “supposed” to.

NOTE #1 - After a particular good run of time…

Every time I feel the urge to squish down my generally positive-to-even state of being (because we can't be happy *all* the time, but I am presently happy a solid 70% of the time), I try to remember:

  • My communities are not served by my suffering or the suppression of my joy, especially as a GNC Black woman/femme person.

  • The only people who win when I apologise for my joy or try to hide the expansiveness of it (because I'm self-conscious about being too much/too loud/too intense/etc.) are the people who are happy to continue oppressing me, exploiting the planet, and/or want to see me dead. To which I say fuck you: I'm here, I'm queer, I'm really happy, die mad about it.

The more I've divested/I work to divest from what oppressive kyriarchal dumpsters try to put on me, the more capacity I've developed for joy and possibility, even with some of my messy healing process and unexpected physical issues. As that expands - in tandem with leveraging/decentering from the privileges within those oppressive structures I have, and applying resources I hold + have access to within those structures in a sustainably redistributive way - the more I'm able to do to help others.

Plus, I don't know if happiness is quiiiite the right word.

I am abidingly inspired by human beings and our potential for thriving interdependence.

I experience much deeper peace and sense of self-acceptance.

I am deeply moved by the beauty of the Universe in all its material and mysterious glory.

I am grateful for love and the opportunity to heal myself and contribute small joys and useful bits to other people's lives.

I am in love with vulnerability, tenderness, and softness.

I'm hungry for more beauty, harmony, mutual understanding, grace, and cooperation.

I am hopeful that, regardless of where history takes us all, that there will be rebirth that lets my niblings live in a world where they are actually free, and it's not just bullshit lip service.

If that is happiness, then I am happy.

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