/// Portrait Drawing by Rachael Rice ///

/// Portrait Drawing by Rachael Rice ///

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Writing Effective Juno Jar Petitions

Writing Effective Juno Jar Petitions

I get a lot of anxious, overthinking questions about how to write petitions for my Juno Jar service (or with the tutorials in my DIY Juno Magic guide!), and a lot of petitions for my services that aren’t quite…workable.

As a result, a lot of folx are not only missing out on effectively using this helping tool, but maximizing its potential - thus this blog post was born.

Here is my SMART checklist for assessing and formulating petitions:

S - Short & Sweet 

Say only what you absolutely need to say, keep it focused on what you want rather than on what you don't want. Floweriness for the sake of almost always does weird things to your magic’s execution. I recommend keeping a petition to 1-2 sentences when possible.

M - Measurable 

Will you be able to concretely determine when the petition has been fulfilled? Can you quantitatively measure the results, if you wanted to offer further praise and affirmation for the help you've received? While measurable is not always required, it helps to assess if you are making progress on your goals or not and 

A - Actionable

Do you - or can you - make a workable, plausible plan to take steps towards your petition? Magic is about tipping probabilities in your favour in such a way that they manifest the results you want, in the way you want them. If something is already within the realm of action, it has better probabilities to tip even further in your favour.

R - Reasonable 

Asking for a million dollars when you're barely treading water, or to win the lottery, or for more money with no path for that money to arrive besides death, disaster, or misfortune - those are all unreasonable asks. Either the odds are so astronomically high as to be out of the question, or, there is literally no way for the petition to be fulfilled in an amenable fashion. Checking in and asking you question: is this actually *possible*, with *probable* odds I can work with, or no? will save you a lot of time and effort. A bunch of baby steps will always take you further than trying to do huge leaps.

T - Timetable

Your petition should have some sort of timetable associated with it, either directly in the petition itself, or in your own notes/head. I always give petitions 90 days to manifest unless I specify otherwise, a minimum of 2 weeks (when I can), and I usually do not exceed a year. 

That’s it! :)

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