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last updated: january 2022

This page details my client policies when it comes to any spiritual and/or consulting services I have or currently offer. Please review this page thoroughly before hiring me so there are no misunderstandings and miscommunications on either end.


  • All clients must be 21+. I do not work with clients under the age of 21, or perform magic on children who are capable of understanding and providing basic consent without their consent. If you wish to have me do work on behalf of your child 13 years or older, I will require a signed statement of consent, with a witness who is not you, to be scanned and sent to me first. The only exception to this are baby blessings and funerary rites, which I am happy to do pro bono or at-cost for offerings.
  • Right of refusal. I reserve the right to work with, or continue to work with, clients for any reasonable reason, named or unnamed. Examples may include, but are not limited to: ethical congruency (i.e., affiliation with an MLM; being a commercial landlord; oil & gas industry, etc.), abusive language towards me or members of my community, using/engaging my services in ways that may not be for your best wellness, purposeful lying or misleading behavior, etc.
  • Email communication. All communication with clients takes place over email, via encrypted email service provided by ProtonMail.
  • Legal Agreements. By booking any service with me or purchasing any item made available for sale on this site, you are implicitly stating that you have read, understand, and/or agree with my Lineage + Training, Terms of Service & Privacy Policy, and my Code of Ethics & Conduct, as well as the Client Policies outlined herein. Additionally, by booking a service or making a purchase, you are implicitly agreeing to hold me with indemnity from any harm or resulting consequences of following my suggestions, take full responsibility for your actions, and state that you understand that my services are provided for personal development enrichment and entertainment only.
  • Payments — General. All payments are processed securely via Paypal, facilitated directly or through a 3rd party processor via a marketplace or secure e-commerce platform (LearnDash; BuddyBoss; Ecwid; Patreon; Fulfillment by a 3rd party manufacturer.)
  • Contracts — Services over $1,000 USD. Before any services over $1,000 USD (in total cost, even if billed in installments) are executed, I additionally require a hard copy, notarized version of the aforementioned contract, to be delivered via mail or digital fax prior to the start of services being rendered.
  • Refunds. There are absolutely no refunds except in the above circumstance, or at my discretion. Please be VERY sure you wish to work with me, reach out to me with any questions you may have, and do your due diligence to understand me + what you’re seeking. Your payment – in full or in part – holds space in my calendar and covers the cost of my time, experience, and materials, and nothing else.
  • Guarantees & Assurances. The only guaranteed deliverable of any service rendered is the creation of objects or performance of a consultation or ritual. I make ABSOLUTELY NO REPRESENTATION of accuracy, guaranteed results, etc., and offer my services and work as curio and entertainment purposes only — your mileage may indeed vary. Paying me does not guarantee nor represent a guarantee of results, as to do so would be unethical.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality — Team Support. I am not a one femme show, my business has variously utilizes and discloses the use of helpers in the form of my godchildren (macheche), my personal assistant, Danielle, and other contractors. Virtual and personal assistants may be used to answer/field emails that do not require my direct input, and my godchildren may perform the work agreed upon in our arrangement should I be indisposed, unable, or ill, that they are qualified to perform, and that I will supervise directly. All members of my team are held to the same ethical commitments & standards, as well as the same standard and expectations of privacy.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality — Sensitive Materials. Sex workers & those clients dealing in sensitive materials may request to send petitions or other materials directly to me via encrypted email, and may also request that I anonymize and not retain copies of your records in my Google Drive storage or other cloud-based method.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality — Consultation w/ Colleagues. I reserve the right to anonymously consult with community elders and colleagues about your case in order to best serve you + your interests. I can do this without notification or disclosure, in order to ensure smooth and uninterrupted execution of service. 
  • Privacy & Confidentiality — Teaching Content. I reserve the right to share – wholly anonymized of any identifying details – work I have completed on your behalf and its outcomes as a source of teaching and example in any and all conversations or content I produce for instructional consumption, outside of the direct mentoring of students as outlined above.

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