code of ethics

last updated: january 2022

One of my objectives as an autonomous worker who is visible + vocal about navigating the praxis of my politics in my work is role modeling the ways individuals can take conscious steps away from the kyriarchal capitalist norms, to make those changes feel more accessible + sustainable, and to demonstrate that these new possibilities are ecologically, economically, and socially viable, without participating in the prevailing structures of oppression more than one must or does incidentally.

While I do not profess to be an expert of theory or political science as a discipline: I am simply an artist & spiritualist committed to my vision manifesting in the world, and part of that is holding myself to a higher bar of accountability and transparency, which means disclosing my supply chain, who is putting money into my hands via affiliation & advertising revenue, and members of my team, so people can independently verify my practices and behavior as a professional.

general commitments

  • I will not spam your email, nor will I sell your list to other creatives or businesses.
  • I will be transparent about the businesses and individuals I collaborate with for manufacturing and printing.
  • I will be transparent about who I collaborate with professionally, including who I work with as independent contractors
  • If I decide to become a business entity outside of a sole proprietorship or single-member LLC, I commit that I will become a B-corp, cooperative corporation with equitable worker ownership, or a worker’s cooperative
  • I will work to minimize my complicity in structural oppression through active accompliceship and full personal responsibility for the businesses and services I use.

marketing pratices

  • I commit to being direct + consistent in my marketing about deadlines and availability of work, but in a way that minimizes anxiety, fear, and FOMO.
  • I will not practice artificial scarcity for digital products and e-books
  • My marketing & branding strategies will be formulated – as best as I can – around how and what I am doing, not me as a person
  • I will not engage the use of shame or engage in sales practices that purposefully agitate and amplify one’s “pain points” in psychologically distressing ways
  • I will be clear + transparent about any and all affiliate links, royalties, or residuals I receive from links, codes, or products – in accordance with the FTC

sales pratices

  • I will use grounded, thoughtful, and discerning language when discussing any professional services, events, curios, or learning products I create or promote.
  • I will clearly articulate the limits and capacities of myself as a professional, the products + services I offer, or the products + services I promote in sales-based contexts.
  • I will provide a clear disclaimer on each sales page about feelings of fear, coercion, and anxiety to discourage people from purchasing or participating out of fear.

social capital + brand power

  • I will work to maintain clear, respectful boundaries around the parasocial relationships I have with my readers, collectors, and fans in order to minimize exploitation or unintentional harm.
  • I will not purposefully leverage my social capital, social media, or financial power to bully, intimidate, or silence smaller creators, peers, or individuals in the general public who disagree with me or dislike my work.
  • In the event I have a concern about my intellectual property rights, I will attempt to negotiate them outside the legal system – in a non-punitive, transformative justice manner – before pursuing formal legal recourse.

divinations + magical services

  • Confidentiality – I will not reveal what a client tells me without their written approval. I will hold all written and verbal communication with a client in confidence, except in the event of a life-threatening situation.

  • HonestyI will interpret a divination & perform magical services to the best of my ability, and will honestly admit when I cannot interpret something or my services are inappropriate. I will always tell the truth, but not impose information on a client that they have clearly indicated that they do not wish to know or explore further in depth.

  • Non-judgementI will always strive to provide divinations & magical services with compassion and in a nonjudgmental manner.

  • Expertise –  I will not give advice in areas for which I am not qualified. If the client needs a physician, psychologist, lawyer, financial advisor, accountant, or any other professional service for which I am not qualified, I will encourage them to seek such service from someone who is qualified in that area, and I will make appropriate referrals wherever possible.
  • Responsibility & SovereigntyMy goal as a spiritual service provider is to support my clients in claiming their sovereignty & ownership over their obligations and responsibilities, both to themselves and others, and to act according to their own conscience. As I believe in fixed qualities of fate (meaning: I don’t believe free will is absolute or universal), I will strive to ensure that my clients feel they are well-supported & well-informed, in a way that helps them navigate and manage their goals or desires in a way that works best for them.

  • Independence & Healthy BoundariesI will not let my clients become overly dependent upon my services, nor pressure or coerce them for return visits. I will maintain a well-balanced, clear, and ethical relationship with my clients at all times, and refrain from capitalizing on, exploiting, or using a client’s vulnerability and trust for my own gain, including making referrals for compensation (and consistently disclosing when or if I will be compensated for a particular choice to act on a recommendation). I will treat all of my clients and colleagues with well-boundaried respect and consideration.

  • Ongoing Professional Development – I commit to an ongoing and engaged study of skills and subjects relevant to my services, that will advance my own professional development, and aid me in providing high quality pastoral care in the form of divinations and magical services.

team support + collaborators

Current Team Support

  • Caelin Aerin – Editor [Email]
  • Heidi Hauck – Bookkeeping [Web]
  • Danielle Martin – Bookkeeping Assistant [Email]
  • Marissa Loewen – Biz Consultant & Coach [Web]

Former Team Support

  • Ashley Story – Assistant [Email]
  • Dani Magestro-Musgrove – Management & Systemization [Web]
  • Kimberly Robb-Baker – Career Strategy

Current Mentees (2020-Present)

  • K. Hall
  • C. Stewart

Project Consultants

  • Lilly Garcia – Book & Cover Design [Web]
  • Søren Hamby – Graphic Design [Web]
  • Jacquelyn Tierney – Photography [Web]
  • Brittany Johnson – Video Editing [Email]
  • Megan Jones – Audio Captioning


  • To Be An Ancestor – Karen (KJ) Hawkwood collaborated with me on the astrological research for To Be An Ancestor. [Web]
  • Sowing Post-Capitalist Seeds (Anuradha Kowtha & Moriah Helms) – I have been a guest teacher for this program for several iterations of the course. [Web]

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