Hoodoo Sugar - Season 1


Experimental Fiction For The 21st Century

Hoodoo Sugar follows the journey of a coven of witches who do double time as whores, dancers, pole artists, companions, and anarchist thieves on the utopian seastead playground of the rich and famous. Utilizing every trick in their little black books, they climb the ladder of wealth, power, and revenge, one well-aimed hex and stiletto to the neck at a time in a post-apocalyptic universe that makes them reckon with the question: what would you do to obtain and preserve your freedom?

An episodic serial, meaning that it’s written as individual short story/installments bundled together + published as seasons, with an explicit intention of creating a body of work easily adaptable for streaming media and with flexible, innovative licensing small theatre stage.

Hoodoo Sugar incorporates the Co-Dreaming Method, and will be produced in 8 seasons with each season featuring 10 episodes.

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