Juno Jar Service Report for July 2021

Juno Jar Service Report for July 2021

Ave Juno!

The work of the Summer 2021 Juno Jar is now complete.

Before I get into the details of this service, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your ongoing business and support. This work is some of my favourite and I am excited to expand my resources and offerings around wealth sorcery & money healing for liberation moving forward.

For those of you who are not connected to me on my personal Facebook profile (I am working on re-engaging and expanding to other forms of social media), the last few months have been particularly rough, and recently (as in, this past Thursday, July 22nd), I spent the morning in the emergency room due to a flare up of my chronic illness.

Before that, because the Universe is not satisfied, I realised the jars from the January service had cracked -- so all of those petitions were temporarily rehoused in another vessel I keep to Juno for my personal use until this jar service. As a result, this jar - which is a gallon-sized jar - has 240+ petitions in it, as we had a total of 140+ petitions for this service alone.

It has been A Very Very Stressful Time in the Morgan household, but I kept it trucking, because that’s what you gotta do, baby.

A black and white image of a gallon-sized mason jar from Yorkshire Glassware filled with small folded papers, sitting on a wood grain and metal desk, background blurred.

First things first: if you forgot to submit the petition form (you should have been emailed a copy of your petition -- if you participated and cannot find your completed form in spam or trash, feel free to contact me), even for a general petition - have no fear, you were included with a general petition!

Additionally, I wanted to take a moment before I dive into the nitty gritty of things, to address a problem I saw with a much more significant frequency than I have in previous Jar services. While it’s perfectly fine to address your petition to however you want to see Gxd, The All That Is, Spirit, etc., or Juno herself, what is ABSOLUTELY NOT respectful or acceptable is addressing your petition to another spiritual intelligence (Jesus, Mother Mary, etc.) because you’re uncomfortable with my work or it’s your preference in your practice. I had to make additional mea culpa offerings on behalf of this work due to the number of folks who did this this time around, and I’d like to prevent this issue moving forward. If you were someone who did this, please know that this is pretty simple to remediate using the ritual structure that will be included in the Foundational Magic PDF that will go out in the next week or so (and be made available through my site as well, in the event email is squirrelly.)

While I don’t feel like Juno is exceedingly petty, names and proper, respectful recognition is fundamental and essential. I want to be VERY CLEAR that it’s not interchangeable to swap Juno with another feminine spirit (inc. Hera; that’s a personal opinion, but I am very careful about utilizing Hera-related anything without divinatory confirmation) because you’re uncomfortable, you think it fits better, what have you. No. If you feel uncomfortable with my work as it is, don’t participate. This is less of a “I don’t want to work with you” and more or a “I am very devoted to supporting my clients as best as I can to the best results we can make space for, this is a fundamental antithesis to me supporting you in that, please don’t waste resources (yours or mine).”

This impulse absolutely is born out of a colonizing, homogenizing, entitled eclecticism mindset and a cultural framework around magic that is disproportionately transactional (i.e., the gumball machine approach) vs. relational. My entire practice is deeply relational, and when my work is successful for others, it’s because of those dynamics. This work, works (obvi: ymmv/no guarantees, not an unethical shit) because I have a relationship that I’ve forged over a prolonged period of service. It’s not a transaction on my end, even though it could be a transaction on yours! Please honor and respect the relationship I am calling on, and lovingly and with gratitude pass on working with me if that’s a barrier you cannot overcome, for whatever reason.

Now, onto the notes.

A photo of a gallon-sized mason jar, filled with flowers, gold leaf, ancestor money, and other materials, sitting on an altar covered with a black cloth, next to a one-quarter filled, 5 lb jug of organic honey.

Every Juno Jar is created specifically for that batch of participants, with the advice and input of the collective’s ancestors as well as Juno and my own practiced intuition. Each jar DOES have certain types of core components that serve specific functions during the ritual, but what I use to meet those functions can vary. The only things that really do not change between each jar is the use of organic honey, the inclusion of joss/ancestor money & actual currency, some sort of floral to encourage flourishing, as well as the addition of real gold, usually via 24k gold leaf. Each piece of materia that is added to the work is seeded and enlivened using methods provided to me by my ancestors, as a way of awakening the power of its essence and obtaining its consent and cooperation in the aim of the work. Consent is a cultural practice I use across the board.

The interesting + unique components of this jar included golden saffron, lightning-struck wood gathered for me by Joseph Atreides of Bones to Pick, a vial of my Luminous Gold Oil, lemon-infused (imported) olive oil, moonstone gifted to me by a client, Saturn Salt, and two pieces from Sphere + Sundry (Waters of Exalted Sol + Golden Gator Oil).

Strong, golden yellows are a favourite colour of mine to use when venerating Juno, and the Solar, flowing, and Venusian qualities of saffron add an appreciation for the small acts of luck + luxury that matter vs. feeding into an unthinking, culturally-instigated loop of unconscious consumerism. It is meant to augment the actual qualities Marie Kondo speaks to in her philosophy: of honoring and recognizing what we truly value, even if that value is not ‘productive’ or ‘functional’. The lightning struck wood was added as an encapsulation of raw, Jovian energy made physically manifest as flame and charred earth: kindling for sparks of inspiration, and acting on strong bolts of intuition pursuant from this work. Luminous Gold oil is prepared and seated with Juno’s spirit & intelligence the same way this Jar is, so it added a nice dimension of Her qualities as well as the lubricating, smoothing and enduring quality of its oily carrier -- similar to the imported olive oil, infused with lemon, except it was incorporated as fuel for action, to overcome one’s obstacles with ease and adeptness.

Saturn Salt is black lava salt prepared using astrological sorcery, to support the structure, devotion, and consistency required to bring plans to fruition, alongside a few drops of Golden Gator oil from Sphere + Sundry’s Saturn in Capricorn collection to emphasize wise use of resources, patience, and to add the core qualities as described by its creator: “...fortification, empowerment, and the development of King alligator virtues: patience, conservation of effort, being chill most of the time and a killer when necessary, and enjoying a long-reign.” To temper the exacting and embodied, visceral zing that always accompanies the use of Saturn materia, I added some watery moonstone from a client (I traditionally try to minimize my use of crystals, stones, and metals in workings due to environmental concerns) to amplify discernment and trust in one’s self, as well as several spritzes of Water of Exalted Sol (also from Sphere + Sundry) to “...invigorate, energize, and work toward one’s goals. Great before exercise or a day’s work. Promotes leadership, visibility, and likely concentration.”

The jar was fed with a handcrafted, beeswax pillar infused with supportive essential oils (notably, cinnamon and lemongrass) to facilitate the empowering of the work + the seating of Juno's intelligence into the vessel. This jar is now, essentially - from a magical perspective - 'alive', and a manifestation of Juno Herself. The vessel will be worked with daily through prayer, and fed on a monthly basis during the Full Moon (again, beeswax or soy candles) to continue propagating and fueling the magic over the coming 12 months. I will *not* be sending reports/updates about this, but I may occasionally post photos to my social media.

Each service also has an oracular portion, where I enter into deep-state, full-bodied trance possession via Juno, and ask for messages for participants of the current jar working. During this rite - what I chocked up to my recent illness and physical distress - I was unable to enter trance at all. So, afterwards I had to use my special dice kit (using a modified version of reading astragalus) to inquire for messages and confirmed there were none, other than, “Don’t travel (far from home.)” and "Through payment you will not find anything beneficial." 

Insofar as the the travel goes, it's on the nose, but no, I am absolutely not kidding, ha. Scrap any plans for elective travel for the next 12 months, both for public health reasons, but also for fiscal stability, since this is what this work is about. Batten down those hatches, and for the sake of preparedness & financial security, preemptively make plans + retool your budget(s) now for any required (or even theoretical) relocations or trips. I would like to especially encourage thinking about these plans now if you’re renting and your landlord owns your home directly, as they could decide to sell + evict you at any time (which is legal, unfortunately.) Better prepared than up a creek, beloveds!

When it comes to that second line, my take on that is to avoid spending/'investing' in any excessively large or precipitous projects or outlays of cash (including anything requiring debt to be accomplished, including education) during the next 12 months, if avoidable. Take the most collaborative, diversified, risk averse path forward towards any goals you have for this Juno Jar work, especially when it concerns business & funding tuition for those of y'all in higher learning or who have children in university. Nix the expensive new coach, dump the mastermind you only kind of get some value out of, don't buy that new program, put off equipment upgrades, etc. *DO* investigate cooperative structures that are relevant to your life or work, apply for scholarships & grants with a fervor, share costs & tools with colleagues or peers, and aggressively pay down your debts. Look for ways to more consciously spend in your budget (vs. restricting out of reactive fear or anxiety), and take a closer look at any ways you unconsciously spend what you have that feel like a leak or a drain to you, including voluntarily expending creative, spiritual, physical, or emotional labor. Bank the cash, be careful with your energetic + time resources, and reassess your commitments. Wait to make any moves until you're 100% sure said moves won't pull the rug out from under you. 

Needs > desires for now, y'all. Both are important, but the time is not high for spending on indulgences with trust (i.e., spending money on things with the expectation the cash will find its way back to you.)

As the sales page outlines, I am preparing a Foundational Magic PDF that will go out sometime in the next week and some change via email to ALL former Juno Jar patrons, as well as being directly available through my site for free. The monthly, full moon reminder emails to engage with Juno + reflect/check-in on your petition progress will start in August -- again, going out to all former Juno Jar participants. I appreciate your patience and understanding while I complete the guide, being a disabled, spoonie business owner is rough especially when one's body is in mutiny.

Thank you, again, for your trust and ongoing support + business. This work gives me deep fulfillment, and supporting people in expanding what they feel is possible for them outside of the constraints of capitalism & structural oppressions - while thriving in our survival through those systems and their eventual collapse - makes my heart glow. 

It’s an honor to be of service.

Ave Juno!

May the blessings of the Queen Mother pour forth, and Her abundance wash away the stench of injustice, poverty, and oppression.

My gratitude and thanks to my most generous patron for Her beneficence & tutelage.