Image Description: A photo of light-skinned hands holding large, golden feng shui coins.
Image Description: An up close photo of a male peacock with its plumage out.

Image Description: An up close photo of a male peacock with its plumage out.

Juno Jar 2019 - A Wealth & PRosperity Ritual

The Backstory

I have a priestess relationship with the Roman goddess, Juno, whose domain is the security of the nation-state and wealth.

Twice a year for three years, I constructed a sacred vessel/container spell for wealth and prosperity to Her as a devotional act that the community was invited to contribute a petition to, and I fed/ritually maintained each jar for a year every Full Moon, with the goal of drawing in good luck, opportunities that benefit your financial and career well-being, as well as support for developing financial habits you find supportive and healing. The results were BONKERS.

And then I retired the work once I received my full priestess blessing, despite the wild popularity of the service, because it was time and the work was done.

So you’re probably wondering why it’s back, and without scaring myself or telling too much of my business, the Muse called and I have a writing project to do as well as rent to pay. Leo & Virgo season is not only a wonderful time for take this bold chance on my own brilliance, but to spread the abundance of the solar season through this work. Win-win.

The Basics - A.K.A., How This Works

  1. Collecting Petitions - I will collect petitions from participants through September 3rd, 2019. Each petition is then written out by hand by me with each participant’s information, anointed with oil and curio materials as best suited to the specific petition, and set aside for the ritual.

  2. Constructing The Vessel - On the Full Moon (September 13th, 2019), I will assemble the sacred vessel/container spell - filled with the handwritten petitions along with honey, stones, coins, and other relevant materia magica - and present the vessel for consecration and enlivenment to Juno. I will invoke/install Her energy into the vessel and feed it with fire and smoke, as well as presenting Her with offerings and gifts.

  3. Juno Jar Report - Within a week (5-7 business days) of the jar’s construction/completion, I will send out a PDF report with photos and other information about the ritual and the work done on the participants’ behalf.

  4. Maintenance - On the Full Moon every month for 12 consecutive months, I will feed/empower the jar and present offerings to Juno. There will be no reports or photos of this.

The deliverables are, in short: 1) A handwritten, custom prepared petition based on your wants + goals + desires, 2) A PDF report delivered by email detailing the rituals and offerings within a week of the jar’s construction, 3) Maintenance of this magical working for a year.