Since 2017, I have offered my signature Juno Jar service twice a year -- in the winter and summer -- in my role as a high priestess of Juno, Roman goddess of the matriarchal state, treasury, relationships, and liberation through direct means, and in my path as an ancestral sorceress.

Each Juno Jar service is a community ritual, maintained over a twelve (12) month period, that is focused on generating and supporting long-term wealth, financial stability, and good luck in the lives of the participants.

If you have privacy concerns, physical disability, children & pets who get into things, or you’re a busy bee who doesn’t have a lot of time, this service is intended to help you have access to the toolkit of magic without throwing time, spoons, and money down the drain. 

about the process

Each service is centered around the creation + maintenance of a magical vessel.

A large glass jar is filled with premium quality materia — handmade magical oils & powders, real currency, precious metals, ethically gathered honey, and other herbs, minerals, and curios — alongside with preparing each petition based on the participant’s uniquely stated goals and desires. No two jars are identical in terms of their contents, and are prepared based on in-depth + precise divination and consultation with the collective input of Juno and the participants’ supporting and guiding ancestors. 

The jar(s) are then presented with a lavish fete of honor to Juno, who has Her power and intelligence seated into the vessel through an act of ecstatic trance, while being fed with a pure beeswax candle and filled with living essence. 

Then, over the next 12 months, I pray over the vessel(s) daily and feed them once a month on the Full Moon with ongoing fete offerings, petitioning that the participants receive the support, good fortune, and opportunities they need to achieve their desires + goals. This ongoing carework also puts energy + momentum towards creating a foundation of good luck and fortune that helps participants work towards breaking the stranglehold of capitalism, intergenerational bad habits, and basic struggles that make it hard to come together for our collective best interests.

what’s included

Juno Jar participants receive, in addition to their petition, after the completion of the ritual:

  • Full Moon Reminders Once a month, you will receive emails reminding you of the upcoming Full Moon, along with a simple ritual you can do to directly engage with Juno, express gratitude, and update your request(s) between services.
  • Foundational Magic Guide (PDF) Not everyone is meant to be a hands-on magical worker, but there are certain basic practices you can do to support improving your luck & opportunities overall: ancestor veneration, working with the land, spiritual cleansing, and road opening magic. You will receive a PDF that walks you through what each of these things are in clear, concise terms, why they’re helpful, and simple, easy-to-do rituals + a recommended schedule to help get the most out of your participation.

schedule of services (2021/2022)

Juno Jar services take place during the same dates each and every year for sales + petition submissions. Changes of execution for the service may be made due to illness or Shabbat.

Summer Schedule

  • Cart Opens - May 1st, 2022
  • Last Day For Petitions - July 15, 2022
  • Service Is Performed - July 25th, 2022

Winter Schedule

  • Cart Opens - November 1st, 2021
  • Last Day For Petitions - January 15, 2022
  • Service Is Performed - January 25th, 2022


  • You understand magic is about shifting probabilities + accessing new possibilities. — The purpose of using magic is to enable us to better tip the odds in our favour, by changing how we view and interact with ourselves, others, and situation(s) or goal(s) at hand. Even if you don’t believe in the supernatural, you can receive benefit from this work if you are open-minded and contemplative of how the symbols and semiotics of the art being created speak to you on a creative, intrapersonal level. If you can interject and see meaning, mystery, and questions about who we are in a sunset or in the ways we speak to one another, you have the capacity to use my art effectively for your own enrichment.

  • You have a clear, workable plan in place that could succeed without magical intervention. — Magic off the screen or page, and out in the real world, is not a cure-all, snap-your-fingers, fairy dust thing. The single greatest piece of sorcerous advice I’ve ever come across, by way of Jason Miller, is that sorcery is best applied to situations where there is a pragmatic, functional plan in place. Barring my clients who had odd flukes of luck, the clients who have seen some of the more explosive results have been those who busted their ass and more than met the work halfway, including by having a plan that would’ve worked *without* magic. To quote an old Hoodoo adage, “First comes the working, then comes the work.”

  • You can comfortably say ‘yes’ to affording my services without unmanageable debt, fear, or anxiety. — Right out of the gate, while other professionals may giddily brag about a client selling a family heirloom or taking out a second mortgage to work with them, that is absolutely NOT how I operate. Do not put me in that position. If putting this money into my pocket makes you feel anything other that geared up, ready to go, and lovingly + strongly supported, I do not want your money. Any restless anxiety, desperation, or fear is a red stop sign I want you to follow.


Pricing for individual Juno Jar petitions is based on the Green Bottle Model of Sliding Scale Pricing.

Tier 1 ($275 USD) is the gratuity tier, intended for people of abundant/more-than-comfortable financial means. There is a 2-month installment plan available, with no additional markup, at this tier.

Tier 2 ($175 USD) is the actual price of a single Juno Jar petition. There are  3 and 7-month installment plans available, with no additional markup, at this tier.

Tier 3 ($50 USD) is the price I charged for this service when it first launched, and is retained as a legacy price point to allow folx to access to my work who have a little expendable income, understand the conditions around this service, and feel good participating. 

That's a wrap for now, folks! 
The next Juno Jar service will open November 1st, 2021.

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased a petition for the July 2021 Juno Jar service -- if you did not receive an email with the report, you can read that here. The Foundational Magic PDF will follow shortly and will also be available directly from this site, and the monthly follow-up emails will begin in August.



Oaths and sworn pacts are a common part of working magic, and I use this as a mechanism to protect my integrity and boundaries in my experience and in my service to the Divine.

that participation in *all* of my spiritual service comes with an in-built promise to my spirits, wherein you swear to redistribute a (generous, whatever that feels like/means to you, amount...you'll know what it is, 'cause it should feel like a small squeeze!) portion of any financial cash benefit you feel you receive from this work directly to others who are marginalised and/or in need, both of communal care but also solidarity. DO NOT give to NPOs and NGOs that have means testing, or that don't provide any sort of financial assistance .

  1. Direct Cash Gifts & GoFundMes (preferred option) — Esp. to BIPOC, MaGe (marginalized genders), and/or disabled & chronically ill people.
  2. Debt Forgiveness — Rolling Jubilee
  3. Bail Funds — National Bail Fund Network (USA)
  4. Mutual Aid Funds — Food Not Bombs, The STAY Project
  5. Prisoner Support & Prison Abolition Projects — SWOP Behind Bars, Redemption Row, Critical Resistance, The Innocence Project
  6. Alexis’ Near & Dear — The Snack SackCherokee Preservation Foundation, The Cherokee Nation, Chi-Nations Youth Council, Assata’s Daughters, Jewish Voice For Peace, Voice Project for Imprisoned Artists, International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Wear Your Voice, Sarah’s Circle, Cultural Survival, Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal, Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Breaking this oath with intentionality and malice will have consequences of unknown character, severity, and quantity, so please consider this rider -very- carefully before you work with me, because I am not responsible for any afflictions of bad luck and soured honor on your part.

The next Juno Jar service will open November 1st, 2021. 



  • Do you have any testimonials I can peruse? — Yes indeed I do. Please click here to look through my testimonials and things my former clients have to say about working with me. If you are a former Juno Jar participant and you’d like to send me a testimonial, click here.

  • Can I purchase a petition on behalf of someone else, as a gift? — Yes, you may fill out the petition form on behalf of a spouse/committed partner, child, or other family member WITH THEIR CONSENT. Please do NOT do this for friends or strangers.

  • Can I purchase a petition and have you gift it to someone else, or can I petition on behalf of someone else besides a family member? — No. Please do not purchase a petition and fill out the form, to direct me to send it to a friend or a stranger, or fill out the petition form on behalf of a friend. Without getting into the weeds and minutiae: that's not how my process works. 

    Additionally, while I understand that it seems very profiteering on the service to specifically state that if someone cannot afford the $50, my service is not for them - it's true. If someone cannot afford $50 USD, even with the advance notice I give about my service and its pricing, there are deeper, more complex systemic and structural issues at work, regardless of individual choices. My magic is not part of the solution in this format, or a useful tool, and could create or contribute to a headspace of self-blame, etc. 

    Normally I would have other means of ministering, so to speak, to potential clients who are in this position, but due to disability and my physical limitations, I am unable to do so at this time. I am working on creating other tools and learning resources for this type of situation.

  • I’ve received a tremendous amount of benefit from a Juno Jar service, and would like to share that with you. How can I do that? — Oh wow, thank you so much! Becoming a general, ongoing patron of my work or sending me a one-time contribution or gift is welcome.

  • Can I petition for love, marriage, spiritual growth, etc.? — No. Please do not submit a petition that is unrelated to material matters & good luck — i.e., acquiring property, investments, job hunting/promotion, business growth/marketing/etc., scholarships & awards (NOT the lottery or gambling), acquiring professional representation, hiring quality candidates, sorting our financial disputes or burdens, etc. If it has nothing to do with your property, finances, or work, this is NOT the service for you.

  • Are you SWer friendly? — Absolutely! I would extra love to work with you, in fact!

  • Do you work with clients of all spiritual, etc., backgrounds? — Yes. Members of my communities and patrons of my services cross a number of identities, beliefs, and paths — as long as you honor the oath as instructed, what you believe is your business.

  • Do I need to participate in both Juno Jars to receive benefit? — It depends! The service is designed with the assumption that it will take you 6-12 months to accomplish your financial or professional goal(s). However, some folks move through their goals like gangbusters, and other people have new or different goals by the time the next jar rolls around. If either applies to you, and it feels good, feel free to sign up. If you are not seeing results, please refer to the Maintenance Guide, engage the Full Moon 'minders, and refrain from signing up since there is absolutely 0 reason for you to give me money and the answer is not more magic but continuing to experiment with how you're approaching your goals (or, forming new ones, if appropriate...and in that case: again, only sign up if its financially reasonable *and* it feels good.)

  • Will you help me write my petition/review my petition? — Unfortunately, I am unable to assist with drafting or reviewing the contents of your petition due to the volume of participants. Please keep it brief — no more than 3-4 short, specific sentences — and focused on the hard tacks of your request: who, what, where, and when by. If you need further inspiration or insight, please review this blog post by Briana Saussy. Note that you can present a longer-form petition to Juno on your own using the ritual provided as part of the support guide.

  • What if I can’t think of a specific petition right now? — You have the option of submitting a general petition to me, wherein I will include a petition that covers the basics (financial stability, job opportunities, strong good luck). You can then follow up on your own using the ritual instructions sent out with the Full Moon reminders with your more specific, longer-form requests.


Payment plans are offered on an honor’s system — if you’re unable to make payments, or need to briefly pause or postpone them, you can do so no questions asked. I generally do NOT offer refunds, as your participation covers the cost of materials, time & investments acquiring my expertise, and labor, *NOT* results, as I cannot ethically guarantee you results (see the next section.)

That being said, please know that if you sign up for a payment plan with the intention of not paying me, or in order to pay less than the accessibility tier, you are a thief and that is stealing. I will not curse or hex you ('cause I'm a witch, this is a real concern, ha), but my Ancestors will not tolerate me being cheated and taken advantage of. Make of that information what you will -- as long as you're doing your best & being honest, you'll be fine.


Now, let’s talk about guarantees, reasonable risk, etc.

First and foremost: if you are feeling any sort of desperation, pressure, or coercion from me *or* any other influences, please do not sign up or inquire to work with me. This also applies to having to making a contribution you can’t afford on a credit card out of guilt/shame, or sending me a contribution when you’re down to a few dollars. I know it’s very tempting to take that leap of faith, but please, DO NOT buy into a rite or attempt to hire me if it’s going to put you in financial distress.

That’s not what these tools are for - they are meant to help improve your life, not make it more stressful! Signing up for any of my services under these conditions would not be good for me, and it definitely won’t be good for you, as that is not a prime zone for magic to work its, well, magic in, as it were.

Insofar as guarantees, I am legally obliged to say that this is a work of art and for entertainment purposes only. Which is true, it IS a work of art - performance art - and you are paying to support the art and for my wisdom, time, and experience, NOT for results. Any magical practitioner who makes representations to you of 100% accuracy, 100% guarantee, etc., is a liar and a fraud. That is deeply unethical as well as objectively cruel.

What I can say is that I agree with Gordon White of Runesoup: I, personally, believe magic works 100% of the time, it’s just a matter of whether or not, 1) It works well enough for you to notice a shift in probabilities (example: you do luck magic to win the lottery, but the odds are so astronomical that even if your working was a rousing success, it’s still not enough to generate a noticeable change!), and 2) It manifests a change in alignment with your desires and intentions, which is not fully within your control anyways. I share this so you understand what you’re signing up for, and that once you purchase a petition, it’s non-refundable, because you’re paying for art and time, which are things I can’t get or give back once they’ve manifested in the world through my work.

I work with clients of all backgrounds who are interested in exploring how magic can help them achieve their goals and aspirations, and I endeavour to work from the most grounded, realistic, and thoughtful frame possible in order to create the best containers possible for success. However, magic-for-hire offerings are COLLABORATIVE - while you might not have to do the magical bits, you very much have to invest yourself into the practical bits - so if you’re expecting this service to *snap* and fix all your problems for you, save us both the trouble, beloved.