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Image Description: An up close photo of a male peacock with its plumage out.

Image Description: An up close photo of a male peacock with its plumage out.

Juno Jar Service - A quarterly Wealth & Prosperity Rite

The Backstory

I have a priestess relationship with the Roman goddess, Juno. In Roman mythology, she is the wife-sister (le yikes) of Jupiter, so she is capable of working in many of the same arenas - albeit, in my experience, with a decidedly less patriarchal and nationalistic flair. After working with her on a plethora of projects, I received and divined on several signs that indicated she wanted to be part of my regular working relationships, and fulfilled my personal pact with her to purchase Christy Tortland’s original painting, Hera’s Compassion, and made it the proud centerpiece of my main working altar after I was given instruction and direction on how to receive the resources I needed in order to move into my first solo apartment.

Those instructions + directions were for the assemblage of my now signature Juno Jars. Twice a year for the first three years, I constructed a sacred vessel/container spell for wealth and prosperity to Her as a devotional act that the community was invited to contribute a petition to, and I fed/ritually maintained each jar for a year every Full Moon, with the goal of drawing in good luck, opportunities that benefit your financial and career well-being, as well as support for developing financial habits you find supportive and healing. The results were BONKERS. I then retired the work once I received my full priestess blessing, despite the wild popularity of the service, because it was time and the work was done.

But in 2019, after a brief break, I decided to revive the service and make it a permanent part of my rotation with Juno’s blessing, constructing a new jar every quarter due to the overwhelming popularity, along with creating some additional resources to help people get the most out of their experience.

More On This Offering + Testimonials

Juno Jars are a form of communal, theurgic magic, manifested through the construction and maintenance of a sacred vessel. Petitions are aimed at goals related to wealth, finances, and career. If you have a specific goal in these arenas - especially with an eye for the long-term, as the spellwork will be maintained for a year - this is a great service for you. There is absolutely no work required on your part and anyone who would like a boost of good energy and blessing can participate. Every petition is written out by hand (*not* printed off), anointed with oils and herbs relevant to your specific aim, and added to the spell container with suitable materia magica and other elements. I also make offerings to Juno day of and once a month thereafter, and the container will be worked with and prayed over on a daily basis.

Here are some results I've had people share with me:

  • $40k in debt being wiped out completely - by a technicality.

  • A client sold out their annual retreat a year ahead of schedule.

  • D.M. won a ~$1,000 prize pack.

  • M.D.’s significant other won a voucher that took enough off the cost to let them have LASIK surgery.

  • Jennifer B's kiddo was able to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Machu Picchu without any additional financial burden.

  • Another client's kiddo was able to enroll into a specialty school with a significant scholarship, accompanied by enough additional business income that made it possible.

  • Client M.T. made in the first quarter of the year what they had made for the entire previous 12 months.

  • A verbatim testimonial from Lisa H: "...In the course of a normal conversation (without me hinting or asking for ANYTHING) my friend offered to take care of I need that I had. I said I would accept but I wanted to pay her back and she said absolutely not, this is a gift. And took me immediately to the bank and handed me $600 in cash. Just completely out of nowhere, this money that I desperately needed materialized. Six weeks after that I received a very nice bonus at work. I get one every summer but this was more than what I expected. There is something else on the near horizon, the value of which remains to be seen - but it's money that came from a very unexpected source. So life has gotten little sweeter. Ave Juno, and thank you, Alexis!”

  • Juno helped me, personally, more than double my regular monthly income in a 3 month window and helped provide the resources, means, and support to rent my first apartment by myself.

Annnnd here’s some additional testimonials from from emails and social media as well:

But is it guaranteed to work? & Other Questions

Now, let’s talk about guarantees, reasonable risk, etc.

First and foremost: if you are feeling any sort of desperation, pressure, or coercion from me to sign up for this offering, please do not purchase a petition.

This also applies to having to put this petition on a credit card or if you’re down to your last few dollars: I know it’s tempting, but please, DO NOT buy a petition if it’s going to put you in financial distress. That’s not what these tools are for - they are meant to help improve your life, not make it more stressful! Signing up for this service won’t be good for me, and it definitely won’t be good for you, and that is not a prime zone for magic to work its, well, magic in as it were.

Insofar as guarantees, I am legally obliged to say that this is a work of art and for entertainment purposes only. Which is true, it IS a work of art, you are paying to support the art and for my wisdom, time, and experience, NOT for results. Any magical practitioner who makes representations to you of 100% accuracy, 100% guarantee, etc., is a liar and a fraud. What I can say is that I agree with Gordon White of Runesoup: I personally believe magic works 100% of the time, it is just a matter of whether or not, 1) It works well enough for you to notice a shift in probabilities (example: you do luck magic to win the lottery, but the odds are so astronomical that even if your working was a rousing success, it’s still not enough to generate a noticeable change!), and 2) It manifests a change in alignment with your desires and intentions, which is not fully within your control anyways. I share this so you understand what you’re signing up for, and that once you purchase a petition, it’s non-refundable, because you’re paying for art and time, which are things I can’t get or give back once they’ve manifested.

I work with clients of all backgrounds who are interested in exploring how magic can help them achieve their goals and aspirations, and I endeavour to work from the most grounded, realistic, and thoughtful frame possible in order to create the best containers possible for success. However, magic-for-hire offerings are COLLABORATIVE - while you might not have to do the magical bits, you very much have to invest yourself into the practical bits - so if you’re expecting this service to *snap* and fix all your money or career problems, I would ask that you avoid participating in this service.

The Basics - A.K.A., How This Works

  1. Collecting Petitions - I will collect petitions from participants through January 5th, 2020. Each petition is then written out by hand by me with each participant’s information, anointed with oil and curio materials as best suited to the specific petition, and set aside for the ritual.

  2. Constructing The Vessel - On the Full Moon (January 10, 2020), I will assemble the sacred vessel/container spell - filled with the handwritten petitions along with honey, stones, coins, and other relevant materia magica - and present the vessel for consecration and enlivenment to Juno. I will invoke/install Her energy into the vessel and feed it with fire and smoke, as well as presenting Her with offerings and gifts.

  3. Juno Jar Report - Within a week (5-7 business days) of the jar’s construction/completion, I will assemble a PDF report with photos and other information about the ritual and the work done on the participants’ behalf and upload it to this page for download.

  4. Maintenance - On the Full Moon every month for 12 consecutive months, I will feed/empower the jar and present offerings to Juno. There will be no reports or photos of this.

The deliverables are, in short: 1) A handwritten, custom prepared petition based on your wants + goals + desires, 2) A PDF report detailing the rituals and offerings within a week of the jar’s construction, 3) Maintenance of this magical working for a year.

How To Purchase A petitioN

Method #1 | Pre-Order Your Petition - If you already know what your petition is for the New Year, you are free to pre-order a petition below - today - for $65 USD.

Method #2 | Get On The Waitlist - If you aren’t sure yet what your plans are for the New Year or you need a little time to get your coins together, you can sign up below (free) to get on the waitlist. I will send an email out at the beginning of December 2019 to let you know the Jar service for January is just around the corner.

Juno Jar Service - January 2020 Waitlist

Sponsor A Petition / Get A Sponsored Petition

One of the things that makes wealth and prosperity magic particularly potent and effective is generosity - giving freely, with discernment, invites the return of that good fortune to flow back through your own life. As a result, I decided to give people the opportunity to gift a sponsored Juno Jar petitions to people they know or to a stranger, in order to make the magic accessible to people who are willing to do the practical work - the collaborative effort - of magic-for-hire, but who perhaps don’t have the financial resources to contribute the full amount on their own.

Sponsored Petitions are made available to my general list on a first come, first serve basis. Participants will be notified when there is a petition available, and they will have 48 hours to sign up before the next person in line is notified. Each participant is expected to contribute a seed of intent based on what is truly affordable to them - $1, $5, $10, or $30 USD - in order to have an investment in the process itself as well, even if it’s a gift. You will then be invited to submit your petition and all will carry forth as usual.

You have until December 29, 2019 to sponsor a petition or sign up for the list.

If you are not on the list/did not receive an invitation to grab a petition - and you see Sponsored Petitions available for purchase below - PLEASE DO NOT sign up. You are stealing if you do, and that is deeply unkind and inconsiderate of others.


Sweet Words From Nice People About Me

“Alexis is the sort of no-nonsense refreshing wind that can blow away all the cobwebs: whether that’s the cobwebs of the establishment or the cobwebs lurking in the dusty corners of your heart. She takes no shortcuts and pulls no punches in any of her work, and that’s exactly what we need. I’m grateful she shares her gifts so graciously.”
— Abigail Rose Clarke |
“Alexis absolutely takes me to church. There are no grandiose attempts at prediction, simply truthful intuition that amplifies and clarifies my own sense of direction. She helps me to see a story, a process- not just a destination. There is power in the way she appeals to your power, guiding you to access your own strength and transformation. I seek her out when I can’t see forward, need to make decisions, and take actions that are aligned with my visions.”
— Ariana E. Felix |

Still have questions?