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How Does Magic Work?

If you’ve ever had an experience with any kind of art that has altered your outlook on life, and impacted what became possible for you to see, sense, know, and experience about yourself and the world around you, that’s about as an intellectually honest + secularly impartial description I can give of what I do. I am a professional progenitor of these conditions, through the creation of physical and performance art. Art becomes a door as well as a mirror. 

Magic, as a body, is – in my opinion – deeply mathematical and scientific. As a person with a worldview informed by Indigenous values, I truly believe that research is ritual, and ritual is research. Nothing about what I do exceeds the limits of what is possible within the laws of Nature, and Gd, it only exceeds what we are capable of quantifying or qualifying with the mechanisms of Western-defined scientific inquiry as a system of epistemology. That is to say: science ain’t there yet, and who knows if or when it’ll catch up.


What Kind Of Magic Do I Do?

I’m the founding body of a sorcerous lineage known as Mzizi Udongo, and work as both a sorceress as well as an ancestrally-initiated spirit-worker (“shaman”, although I personally do not like to use this term.) I am well-rounded and practiced in a multiplicity of disciplines, techniques, and modalities, but my work with community is primarily focused on supporting my clients in meeting their wants, needs, and desires in a way that embodies an ethic & mindset of post-scarcity with integrity.

Who Do I Serve?

I serve folks from a variety of backgrounds, places, and walks of life, and levels of experience with magic and spiritual services.

You are someone I’m happy to work with if:

  • You are anti-racist, pro-LGBQTIA+, and are actively examining your biases.
  • You’re willing to honor the oaths of redistribution, and, occasionally, secrecy, attached to my work.
  • You can comfortably assume the financial risk of hiring me, as I cannot guarantee you results.
  • “First comes the working, then comes the work” — you see the virtue and utility in using magic in your life, BUT you are ALSO clear that you must create a path for that work, to work.

Things You Should Know Before Working With Me

My business does not operate with a “conventional model” for this day and age, because I am not a conventional person.

I have flexible means of exchange in order to allow me to serve anyone the spirits tell me to serve, and this work is supported by those with more exercising the virtue & gift of generosity. I use a combination of fixed, tiered pricing, and Pay What Works For You, with those parameters inspired + set by the Green Bottle Model of Sliding Scale as designed by Alexis J. Cunningfolk of Worts + Cunning Apothecary.

In addition, I also require folks to swear an oath of wealth redistribution, split between myself and community, of 1-5% each. This is based on any amount of financial gain you feel you experience from my labor, above and beyond what you feel you would’ve achieved without magical or spiritual support. This is to materially further the work of post-scarcity and radical luxury that my practice is built around, to ensure that blessings of wealth are not taken for granted, and to provide for myself and the spirits I work with so we may continue to do as they direct me to do.

In addition to reviewing my Lineage & Training, here are some other links you should peruse before giving me any money:


Juno Jar Magic

My flagship service since 2018, my Juno Jar ceremonies are communal wealth rites dedicated to the Roman goddess, Juno.

Magical vessels are assembled with petitions from participants and specially prepared materia, and worked with daily for 12 months, before being sealed. This magic is intended to support ongoing good luck and stability in matters related to resources, career/work, and finances, and to seed opportunities to cultivate a stronger sense of integrity, peace, and generosity with the resources + wealth one does have.

Services are conducted twice a year — in March and December — and are Pay What Works For You, with a suggested pay scale.

Learn more about this magic, how it could benefit you, and sign up for the next service.


Temple Moneta Regina

Temple Moneta Regina is a digital temple built on Patreon, named to honor my patroness, the Roman goddess, Juno. My relationship with Juno came as a result of my status as a former student of Jason Miller, who sent out a Global Rite to Her many years ago. In Juno I found an ally who has embraced my affinity for expanding a world that prioritizes and protects the well-being of the most vulnerable, nourishes the masses, and nurtures individuals in sustaining our obligations and responsibilities to ourselves and others. This initially manifested in my flagship Juno Jar magic.

After several years of devoted service and many conversations with clients, I realized that the simple foundational magic I have come to notice makes a significant difference for my own progress, was inaccessible to many, many people for a variety of reasons. However, almost all of that work could be done communally without warranting the hundred to thousands of dollars people could retain a sorcerer-for-hire for. As a result, Temple Moneta Regina is primarily focused on providing eight (8), thoughtfully curated, ongoing magical services on weekly or monthly basis, intended to support flourishing, peace, easier engagement with one’s healing process, resource (a.k.a., money & career) luck and favor, and deepening + enriching your experience of your desires. 

Read more about Temple Moneta Regina and all of the benefits of membership.


Soul Rooting Cohorts

Coming soon!


Cleo Mae Club

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My Shop

I run a digital storefront where I sell a variety of digital & physical products, such as my free ritual guides, magical consumables, talismans & amulets, art, and more.


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