PLEASE NOTE: This sliding scale is based on the Green Bottle Sliding Scale, which you should review before purchase (it'll open in a new tab.)

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Please complete this form by July 1, 2021!


  1. Do you have any testimonials I can peruse?Yes indeed I do. Please click here to look through my testimonials and things my former clients have to say about working with me. If you are a former Juno Jar participant and you’d like to send me a testimonial, click here.

  2. Can I purchase a petition on behalf of someone else, as a gift? Yes, you may fill out the petition form on behalf of a spouse/committed partner, child, or other family member WITH THEIR CONSENT. Please do NOT do this for friends or strangers.
  3. Can I purchase a petition and have you gift it to someone else, or can I petition on behalf of someone else besides a family member? — No. Please do not purchase a petition and fill out the form, to direct me to send it to a friend or a stranger, or fill out the petition form on behalf of a friend. Without getting into the weeds and minutiae: that's not how my process works. 

    Additionally, while I understand that it seems very profiteering on the service to specifically state that if someone cannot afford the $50, my service is not for them - it's true. If someone cannot afford $50 USD, even with the advance notice I give about my service and its pricing, there are deeper, more complex systemic and structural issues at work, regardless of individual choices. My magic is not part of the solution in this format, or a useful tool, and could create or contribute to a headspace of self-blame, etc. 

    Normally I would have other means of ministering, so to speak, to potential clients who are in this position, but due to disability and my physical limitations, I am unable to do so at this time. I am working on creating other tools and learning resources for this type of situation.

  4. I’ve received a tremendous amount of benefit from a Juno Jar service, and would like to share that with you. How can I do that?Oh wow, thank you so much! Becoming a general, ongoing patron of my work or sending me a one-time contribution or gift is welcome.

  5. Can I petition for love, marriage, spiritual growth, etc.? No. Please do not submit a petition that is unrelated to material matters & good luck — i.e., acquiring property, investments, job hunting/promotion, business growth/marketing/etc., scholarships & awards (NOT the lottery or gambling), acquiring professional representation, hiring quality candidates, sorting our financial disputes or burdens, etc. If it has nothing to do with your property, finances, or work, this is NOT the service for you.

  6. Are you SWer friendly? — Absolutely! I would extra love to work with you, in fact!

  7. Do you work with clients of all spiritual, etc., backgrounds? Yes. Members of my communities and patrons of my services cross a number of identities, beliefs, and paths — as long as you honor the oath as instructed, what you believe is your business.

  8. Do I need to participate in both Juno Jars to receive benefit? — It depends! The service is designed with the assumption that it will take you 6-12 months to accomplish your financial or professional goal(s). However, some folks move through their goals like gangbusters, and other people have new or different goals by the time the next jar rolls around. If either applies to you, and it feels good, feel free to sign up. If you are not seeing results, please refer to the Maintenance Guide, engage the Full Moon 'minders, and refrain from signing up since there is absolutely 0 reason for you to give me money and the answer is not more magic but continuing to experiment with how you're approaching your goals (or, forming new ones, if appropriate...and in that case: again, only sign up if its financially reasonable *and* it feels good.)

  9. Will you help me write my petition/review my petition? — Unfortunately, I am unable to assist with drafting or reviewing the contents of your petition due to the volume of participants. Please keep it brief — no more than 3-4 short, specific sentences — and focused on the hard tacks of your request: who, what, where, and when by. If you need further inspiration or insight, please review this blog post by Briana Saussy. Note that you can present a longer-form petition to Juno on your own using the ritual provided at each Full Moon.

  10. What if I can’t think of a specific petition right now? — You have the option of submitting a general petition to me, wherein I will include a petition that covers the basics (financial stability, job opportunities, strong good luck). You can then follow up on your own using the ritual instructions sent out with the Full Moon reminders with your more specific, longer-form requests.