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Want to keep the questionable opinions, intellectual gymnastics, theoretical future fashion statements & booty-shaking, and antagonism of oppressive social and political conventions going strong?

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Well then, you're in luck, because you can do just that by becoming a patron of my work.

If you’re here, that means you’re intrigued by my work and are curious to know more, which is where this landing page comes in. 

Why become a patron?

To quote Mark Manson, whom I categorically dislike but who gets the life - and who shares my business model, sort of:

“I’m an independent writer. What that means is that I’m not under contract at a magazine or newspaper, I’m not beholden to some overbearing editor/publisher, and I’m certainly not whoring myself out to some big media conglomerate. I don’t have to sell ads or beg for airtime. I don’t have to pitch a dozen article ideas just to get a thousand words printed somewhere where people will read it.

I write stuff. You read it. It’s that simple.

Now, I’m very fortunate to be in this position. But it’s not an accident. I’m not some hedge fund brat with nothing better to do with my time than read books and write funny stuff. Daddy never bought me a Ferrari and I don’t have some shady backdoor business like selling crack to schoolchildren or, even worse, selling supplements on the internet.

I have you. My readers. People who love what I do enough that they’re willing to help me keep being able to do it.”

The freelance writer and artist life - especially as a woman of color - is basically a parade of respectable ass-kissing and a lot of grief for what generally amounts to less than minimum wage on the hour. A lot of (mostly white, if we’re being real) people make a (lot) of money off your content while you fret about health insurance and possibly also getting the sour puss end of an editor with a power complex.

The gatekeeping of the publishing industries is also piss. Who gets paid (well enough to live) to write what, where, is largely contingent on whether or not you’re willing to toe certain lines with a big, shit-eating smile, or at least a grin-and-bear-it attitude that is anathema to both my glamour and my dignity. It’s not that I’d never publish work with a major platform or publisher - I just want to be the one with the power at the table.

My table, that they have to come to first.

A table y’all can help me build by throwing a few bucks my way every month.

The Vision + The Mission

As an anti-capitalist and someone who has a body of work material to public interest, it’s not congruent with my values to reward economic privilege with access. This is one of the key reasons why I migrated away from posting content to Patreon (besides their lack of transparency, unreliability, and having too much control over being able to censor my content and seize my income) so I don’t offer up exclusive content that would otherwise not be monetized. Because I strive to create work that will hopefully persist beyond my physical body’s demise - and in an ideal, liberatory-oriented society, funding of the arts and independent scholars would be seen as a cultural community service - I want to limit the amount of incentive to change how I approach my work thanks to capitalistic douchebucketry.

For almost 8 years, I have blogged, curated, and commentated using social media, blogging platforms, and other tools — while all of that work and content has remained not only free to access, but largely free of advertising or other requests for compensation. If you find any joy and value in what I do, becoming a supporting subscriber allows me to keep the lights on, my body rested, and my creative fangs + claws sharp. It’s ultimately about you continuing to be challenged, stretched, and entertained, and to continue to encounter + receive experiences and work that ask you to grow as a person when it comes to your relationship with your desires, how you use your power, and how you relate to others and the world around you.

Becoming a supporting subscriber is simple:

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  3. You can cancel your plan at any time by going to the Manage Your Subscription page & following the directions.

I get a lot of private messages and emails from you - my readers - saying how much my work has helped you become more compassionate and empathetic, or has ruffled your feathers and made you angry enough to take a second look at something you thought you knew to be true only to realise that wasn’t quite the case. Or you’ve shared how my work has touched your heart and moved you deeply, helping you find the courage to look things in the eye that lurk in your sorrows and traumas, or just made you laugh so hard you scared a pet.

If you’ve ever liked or shared one of my posts or artwork - or something I’ve written or created has spared you from stepping in a giant steaming pile of shit - throw a few bucks my way if you’ve got ‘em. It’s just you, me, and the goods, babe, and your support counts for a lot.

All you gotta do is click one of the buttons below to help make the magic - and build the table.

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Other Ways You Can Show Support

If you’re unable to sustain a monthly contribution, or you want to do more, here are several important ways you can support my work:

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  • Help me network professionally with other creatives and interesting communities - offer to make any introductions you think would be useful or interesting.

  • Let’s talk collaboration on a project!

Please feel free to reach out via my contact form at any time with requests, questions, or just a show of appreciation.


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In Closing...

Thank you for being in community with me and affording me to be an opportunity of that vanguard without the stress, anxieties, or unpleasantries of living in a white supremacist, capitalist shithole.

That's fucking rad.