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Any type of work I’ve done — from my creative pursuits, to my background in marketing & business administration, to my spiritual labor — has always been rooted in community. The underlying theme of my body of work now, radical luxury, is focused on making space to realise the possibility of a society and a world where our collective needs are met without breaking us into pieces.

After running Lucifer’s Well for a couple of years, I came to the understanding that there are a lot of people who intuitively + intellectually understand the usefulness and space-making of magic, but whose budgets of time, energy, or privacy don’t allow them to engage magic consistently enough on their own to make or maintain permanent, stable shifts in their lives. Seeing a legitimate need and an avenue to provide this kind of magical support comprehensively and in an economically flexible way, I decided to go old school and become a 21st century village witch + temple priestess.

To hire most of my colleagues for ongoing, 1-on-1 retainers would cost an average of $1,000-$2,500+/month, depending on the tradition and the scope of work. Temple Moneta Regina is my way to provide well-rounded, flexible, comprehensive magical support for community who don’t have the time, energy, or resources to do this work solo. These ceremonies draw on different elements of my lineage & practice, constituting a blend of ancestral work, folk magic, spiritual healing, and ceremonial petition.

Members are solicited monthly for custom petitions (Ancestor Elevation, General Altar Service, and Steady Employment & Housing), as needed, and are automatically included in all other ceremonies, with regular recaps + photos of work completed (to ensure the integrity of the work) posted to Patreon as patrons-only posts, and tagged to be easily searchable.

current ongoing ceremonies (2022)

Ancestor Elevation (Lunar Eclipses)During Lunar Eclipses (when this work is amplified and magnified), I perform Ancestor Elevation for the beloved dead of anyone who requests to participate. Ancestor Elevation is a rite that takes form and shape in many traditions, but especially the Afro-Diasporic ones, that seeks to help the deceased release their pain, grief, guilt, and suffering in life, to make amends for their harms, and to move closer to Gd/The Divine, so that intergenerational healing may take place and, when desired by a person, one’s ancestors may become better and more powerful allies for us in our lives. During this work, I sing, feed, and elevate the spirits of the named participants, and encourage them to transition fully with the help and support of my own benevolent dead.

Loving Life (Monthly on the Full Moon) – While taking a class on love magic with Chiron Armand & Katelan Foisy, Chiron introduced me to the idea of sweetening the world towards us, so we can have and access a more peaceful, contented experience of life, which creates the safety we need to more fully access our compassion and ability to be soft with ourselves and others. Additionally, navigating capitalism and a world where community care – alongside access to therapy – is scarce, magic to help soothe and balm our hearts and fortify our ability to honor + recognize the inherent dignity and care we and others deserve helps us better show up to our relationships and for our community. 


General Altar Service (Mondays) – Placed before St. Expedite, I maintain a weekly altar service for general or semi-urgent requests not covered by the other weekly and monthly offerings, as well as strengthened good luck + divine providence of protection for those who do not have a custom request. This can cover any request as long as it’s not violent, cruel, or exploitative towards others.

Ancestor Care & Feeding (Tuesdays) – I feed and sing to participants’ ancestors according to my personal framework and method for doing so. Feeding and caring for your Benefic Ancestors who walk with you and wish you well in this life creates space for intergenerational healing, provides them with the means and power to support you in your life, and helps disincentivize unhelpful post-mortem meddling, so to speak.

Money Stay Golden (Wednesdays) – Keeping more money in our pockets, improving our cash flow, and strengthening our luck when dealing with the ins and outs of being human in a capitalist society, is how people manage to claw their way to some semblance of financial security – given that it takes 20 years of nothing going wrong to escape poverty.

Steady Employment & Housing (Thursdays) – Under our current organization of the economy, securing our housing and finding well-compensated, dignified labor + work conditions are two key and vital parts of alleviating stress and creating space for us to live a more fulfilled life outside of the productivity-centric mould.

By Hoof & Claw Lamp Service (Fridays) – Inspired, in part, by the Saturn in Capricorn oil lamp kit (the Golden Goat edition) I acquired from Sphere + Sundry, this is a folk magic inspired by the dance between Jovian Splendour and Saturnine Strictness. In Hoodoo, alligators are a symbol of good luck and their paws, teeth, and claws are variously engaged for magic related to good luck, gambling, and the grabbing of opportunities. They are also, notably, also beings that resonate deeply with Saturnine energy and qualities. I have blended these dimensions into an near-infinitely sustainable lamp working dedicated to cultivating a consistent, steady life while strengthening one’s resolve and grabbing opportunities and good luck to get you wherever you want to go. The lamp is burned throughout the planetary day of Jupiter, during hours of Jupiter and Saturn, in order to cultivate boons + find the boons within any limitation of our lives and circumstances with consistency.

Uncrossing & Spiritual Cleansing (Sundays) – In Hoodoo, the notion of ‘crossed conditions’ speaks to the idea that as we move through life, we pick up various threads of fate patterns and spiritual miasma that keeps us from accessing our own vitality, pleasure, and good luck, and impacts us in body, mind, and spirit. While I am not a healthcare professional of any sort, I am a disabled person with chronic illness, who finds energetic maintenance to be a core part of my own self-care. In addition to my relevant ancestors, I also work with the beatified Dr. José Gregorio Hernandez, the famed doctor of Venezuela who selflessly cared and tended to the medical needs of the poor and disenfranchised.

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    • I have abusive relatives who are now deceased that I do not wish to connect with, do your Ancestor services allow them to connect with me in any way? Will these services still work for me? No, and yes. Ancestor Elevation is intended to help these ancestors release their trauma, baggage, and bad actions in life in order to elevate and ascend, which facilitates ancestral healing, but does not engage them to work on your behalf or give them consent to do so. Weekly Ancestor tending specifically names your ancestors who walk with you well in this life, for your benefit, and that you desire to be connected with.

    • I am adopted, will these services still work for me? Yes, even if you are adopted, these services will work for you and include both your adoptive and biological relatives, in alignment with the guidelines and boundaries I laid out above.

        100% *NOT* Guaranteed

        Now, let’s talk about guarantees, reasonable risk, etc.

        First and foremost: if you are feeling any sort of desperation, pressure, or coercion from me *or* any other influences, please do not sign up or inquire to work with me. This also applies to having to making a contribution you can’t afford on a credit card out of guilt/shame, or sending me a contribution when you’re down to a few dollars. I know it’s very tempting to take that leap of faith, but please, DO NOT patron my services if it’s going to put you in financial distress.

        That’s not what these tools are for – they are meant to help improve your life, not make it more stressful! Signing up for any of my services under these conditions would not be good for me, and it definitely won’t be good for you, as that is not a prime zone for magic to work its, well, magic in, as it were.

        Insofar as guarantees, I am legally obliged to say that this is a work of art and for entertainment purposes only. Which is true, it IS a work of art – performance art – and you are paying to support the art and for my wisdom, time, and experience, NOT for results. Any magical or spiritual practitioner who makes representations to you of 100% accuracy, 100% guarantee, etc., is a liar and a fraud. That is deeply unethical as well as objectively cruel.

        I, personally, believe magic works 100% of the time (in the sense that it generates some kind of result), it’s just a matter of whether or not, 1) It works well enough for you to notice a shift in probabilities (example: you do luck magic to win the lottery, but the odds are so astronomical that even if your working was a rousing success, it’s still not enough to generate a noticeable change!), and 2) It manifests a change in alignment with your desires and intentions, which is not fully within your control anyways. I share this so you understand what you’re signing up for, and that once you purchase a petition, it’s non-refundable, because you’re paying for art and time, which are things I can’t get or give back once they’ve manifested in the world through my work.

        I work with clients of all backgrounds who are interested in exploring how magic can help them achieve their goals and aspirations, and I endeavor to work from the most grounded, realistic, and thoughtful frame possible in order to create the best containers possible for success. However, magic-for-hire offerings are COLLABORATIVE – while you might not have to do the magical bits, you very much have to invest yourself into the practical bits – so if you’re expecting this service to *snap* and fix all your problems for you, save us both the trouble, beloved.

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