“Alexis P. Morgan is an absolutely extraordinary, magical being ~

I began following her journey a few years ago, as she was fascinating, searingly intelligent & firmly guided by spirit.

I saw that she was running something called Juno Jars, a petition based abundance & prosperity service that she offered to her followers.

In August 2019, I decided to hop in & participate in the Juno Jar, she collected the petitions until Sept 3rd. Within hours, on Sept 3rd at 5:55 pm, my merchant processors found 8K in funds that were inadvertently held back. A few days later the funds were released. A few days later, I booked an extra 25K in coaching business. A few days later, I found out that an international # 100 on Forbes influencers was CRAZY about my vitamin products for hair. In that petition I had saucily identified a project that I felt would benefit the world as a collaboration between two billion dollar companies. Alexis felt that this project was a special one that she was called to work on with me (NOTE FROM ALEXIS: I hesitated at first to follow this intuition, didn’t want to be a creepy upselling weirdo for obvious ethical reasons…but then Cydney sent me a DM with a beautiful Juno altar unexpectedly, and I relented, ha).

We agreed to collaborate & to identify what our purpose & goals were around it. We both looked at ensuring we incorporated the right amount of tithing, so we could call in abundance in a super healthy way ~ Meetings that were needed, connections that were required, ah-moments all fell into place with with Alexis’s magical ministrations to ease the way. Working with these gigantic super companies and seeing them actually take steps to make the project happen was incredibly fabulous.

And then COVID happened ~ The Great Pause ~ And one of the super companies, was in complete & total pause with no sense of when it may re-open. BOOM!

In the meantime I pivoted to create www.facemasklove.com as I was concerned that there were not enough fashionable face masks out there ~ I had been working on following my Indigenous beginnings for the past 5 years; I wanted to be recognized First Nations, to respect & honour my Great-Grandmother, Grandmother and my Mother. I felt called to reach back into my Ancestral roots, for the strength, the power, the abundance, the wisdom.

As I share my journey with you, I feel like it's a normal, average story. But there is nothing normal or average around the magic that Alexis brings forth to help assist mere mortals to achieve their dreams. If you look back at my recounting of the story, its like oh she thought this & then Alexis made “this “ happen. If you consider that I had already been working on my Indian Status for almost 5 years with no “ delivery “ in sight ~ I decided to petition to Juno to ask for support from my Ancestor’s in achieving my Status, and to win a Tender I had bid.

Knowing Alexis’s fine working relationship with Juno, I wasn’t surprised that EVERYTHING happened in a jiffy ~ Not only did I receive a formal letter of acceptance from an established Aboriginal Entity, but a letter arrived to say that my application for Indian Status was approved. A month later, I received news that I had indeed won the tender.

Alexis is an extraordinary being; she lovingly inspires one to be in alignment with their Spirit, to be of humble service and to welcome in incredible abundance with their hearts wide open. I am deeply grateful for Alexis, her work, her magical connection to spirit & her ability to manifest that which is in alignment with one’s highest purpose.”

- Cydney Mar // www.cydneymar.com

Email & Social Media Testimonials

I ‘know’ you only through your words. You are, to me, a dear stranger. For me, the words you burn onto the ‘page’ heat-warm-stir the deep-knowing wellspring within. There is a longing to read what you write.

Like all things Life, the road will be windy and sometimes rocky, but it will gather those who need to read the words that writing brings through and from you. I am sure I will not be the first in line, but I will be on the line and I will bring my money. The line will be long. Those of us who must read and read things of meaning, who buy those words to have them in our internal and surrounding spaces, will be on that line.

Write. We are eager to read.
— Patrice Dunckley
Alexis is the sort of no-nonsense refreshing wind that can blow away all the cobwebs: whether that’s the cobwebs of the establishment or the cobwebs lurking in the dusty corners of your heart. She takes no shortcuts and pulls no punches in any of her work, and that’s exactly what we need. I’m grateful she shares her gifts so graciously.
— Abigail Rose Clarke | www.abigailroseclarke.com
I can’t articulate how your writings operate in my heart and spirit, but their result is that Life is stronger and Love is more real to me. Thank you.
— Candace Tkachuck
Alexis has a powerful way with words and her exceptional analysis and synthesis are worth paying attention to. I continue to learn from her.
— Heather Plett | www.heatherplett.com
Alexis’ name means defender and helper. That’s how I see and experience her. She’s equally tender and just, kind and lucid. Above all else, she’s legit. Alexis defends what she sees and the wisdom that guides her to that seeing. She offers her gifts of insight to help others align to their own destiny. Gifts of insight, by the way, that are no joke. So don’t come looking for sugar coated fluff. But do come looking for the straight goods given in love because that’s what she does, that’s who she is.
— Chris Dierkes | www.chrisdierkes.com
Your writing, and it’s honesty, clarity, and humor have a real impact on me. I lost my dad a year ago on the 25 of this month. Your choice to be public about your grief has really spoken to me. Also I drink my coffee every day out of your hex mug. And that’s not even getting into the myriad ways your writing about social justice and white supremacy have aided me in facing my privilege. So really? Thank you. I’m glad you take us along for the ride.
— M.G. | USA
Alexis absolutely takes me to church. There are no grandiose attempts at prediction, simply truthful intuition that amplifies and clarifies my own sense of direction. She helps me to see a story, a process- not just a destination. There is power in the way she appeals to your power, guiding you to access your own strength and transformation. I seek her out when I can’t see forward, need to make decisions, and take actions that are aligned with my visions.
— Ari Felix | www.saltwaterstars.com
She told me a hard truth. And I LOVED it. People are afraid of the hard truths. Not so with Alexis. She knows it is honours her gifts to say what needs to be said...which is why I work with her.
— Tanya Geisler | www.tanyageisler.com