Completed Projects

Lucifer’s Well (2019-2022)

Established in April 2019, Lucifer’s Well was an invite-only, digital community, dedicated to exploring and cultivating a useful, playful, radically luxurious praxis around doing magic.

Nicknamed ‘Dwellers’, Lucifer’s Well was an explicitly leftist community with an intersectional focus, centering the needs + support of Black and Brown, multiply marginalized people, and is committed to conscious community and relationship building both on and offline, including robust, compassionate, and rigorous conversation about subjects like cultural appropriation.

Lucifer’s Well closed in March 2022, after three successful years of operation.

The community was named after a combination of references:

  • Lucifer as a divine intelligence who brings insight and liberation through radical self-possession.
  • Lucifera as a epithet for Venus as the morning star, whose domain is that of love, relationships, comfort, pleasure, *how* we assign value to things, and our ideas of beauty.
  • To Mímisbrunnr (Mimir’s Well; also known as the Well of Urd, who is one of the Norns), which sits at the base of Yggdrasil and gathers the waters of time that drip from the branches (#waterislife), built and tended to by the giant Mimir. This is where Odin purposefully sacrificed his eye in order to be able to receive the infinite wisdom of the well. After this event, Mimir’s head was cut off by the Vanir, and was magically preserved by Odin (with the knowledge he acquired from the well + from Freyja) and used as a form of oracular insight in times of great crisis, a metaphor in some ways for ancestral knowledge and memory keeping.

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